Five Content Marketing Methods to Keep Engagement Up

Content marketing, one of the most popular advertising tools in your digital marketing bag these days, can help you make some serious noise online as long as you take the steps to implement it properly.

Here are the 5 easy secrets to excel at content marketing:

1. Keep your readers interested. Get online users to read your articles until they reach your resource box by making your copies interesting to read. You can easily do this by making sure that your thoughts and ideas flow smoothly. It would also help if you can present the most important information on the first 100 words of your articles and if you can make your content sound more engaging by using conversational and friendly tone all through your content.

2. Create an interesting resource box. Convince your readers to give your site a visit by using a killer resource box. Communicate your expertise, the problems that you solve, your willingness to help your potential clients, and the reasons why people should do business with you. Ensure that your resource box is short and compelling. It must run a maximum of 3 lines and it must contain a maximum of 3 hyperlinks (I recommend you use 2 anchor texts and 1 absolute URL).

3. Offer valuable information. This is one of the most important elements of article marketing. As you know, online users read articles for one simple reason – they would like to be informed. You can serve them better if you give them what they are looking for through your content. You may offer them with information about their areas of interest or share a slice of your expertise that they can use in resolving their pressing issues.

4. Submit your articles on a regular basis. Be very consistent in submitting your articles, if you can, do it on a daily basis so you can easily strengthen your expertise online. Do not have the time to do this? I recommend that you write more articles in advance and hire an article poster who can basically distribute your articles on a regular basis.

5. Keep your writing simple.  Strive to sound highly intelligent on your articles so people will see you as someone knowledgeable. However, avoid using words that are too difficult to understand so you can easily get your message across. Simplify your thoughts and ideas and substitute big words with simple terms.

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When properly implemented, content marketing is one of the most effective methods of marketing. If you’re interested in learning how it should be applied to your business, sign up for our free Content Marketing Strategy Session.


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