Content Marketing Ideas for June

Do you draw a blank when it comes to monthly marketing ideas? You’re on a tight deadline and nothing exciting comes to mind? Well here are some great ideas for the month of June that will help to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. End of School and Graduation

June is graduation month and new grads and families are in search of advice on a number of topics from further education to acing that first job interview. This can be a real opportunity for content marketers to connect with consumers.

Some examples of topics to consider:

  • Health and Fitness Retailers: “10 Tips for Overcoming Job Interview Stress”
  • Furniture Retailers: “Furnishing Your First Apartment on a Budget”
  • Clothing Retailer: “How to Dress for Success on Your Job Interview”
  1. Father’s Day

Every year American shoppers spend Billions of dollars on Father’s Day. From taking Dad out to dinner, to buying electronics, clothing, sporting equipment, tools and other gifts, Father’s Day is big business and the perfect opportunity for content marketers to grab the attention of shoppers.

Here are just a few ideas for topics:

  • “10 Tips to help Make Father’s Day Special for Your Dad”
  • “20 Reasons Why You Appreciate Your Dad”
  • “12 Famous Fathers in History”
  • “How to Throw the Perfect Father’s Day party”
  1. National Safety Month

Safety is always important but June is also National Safety Month and a great time to promote safety awareness. The topics are almost limitless!

Here are some ideas:

  • Sporting Goods Retailers: “The importance of the Right Safety Gear for Your Sport”
  • Home Improvement Retailers: “10 Tips to Ensure Your Electrical Wiring is Safe”
  • Children and Baby Retailers: “Child Proofing Your Home: Keeping Baby Safe”
  1. Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance Awareness Day is June 28 and presents the perfect time for content marketers to highlight the importance of consumers making sure their insurance policies are up to date and that they have the proper coverage. Insurance awareness topics are ideal for insurance agencies, lawyers, auto retailers, travel agencies and real estate and rental companies.

Ideas you might cover:

  • “The Importance of Insurance for Homeowners and Businesses”
  • “Understanding Auto Insurance Terminology”
  • “Do You Really Need Renters’ Insurance?”
  • “What is Covered in Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?”
  1. Social Media Day – June 30

And finally where would any content marketer be without Social Media Day? Mashable, the digital media website, launched Social Media Day in 2010 in recognition of social media’s importance to worldwide communication. And since this topic can cover any industry niche and any topic within the social media industry itself, the possibilities are truly endless! Remember this also includes videos, photos and infographics.

A few ideas might include:

  • “The Importance of Social Media in Your Marketing Strategy”
  • “Using SEO in Your Social Media Posts”
  • “Things You Should Avoid When Writing Your Blog Posts”
  • “How Long do I Need To Use Social Media to See Results?”

It’s not really difficult to come up with ideas for you content marketing if you break it down month by month and then look at what’s going on during that month. There are holidays, seasons, events and even celebrity birthdays. Remember the saying “Google is your friend.” It’s actually pretty true and you’ll never run out of marketing content ideas!


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